Meet Hadriana

Hadriana Leo, Money Navigator at Crescendo FinancialThe Past

Working as an Investment Advisor over the last many years, I provided information on investment and insurance strategies, including recommendations for purchases like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life and living benefit insurance products.

I witnessed the alarming lack of financial education and so I decided that the world did not need me to be yet another investment advisor.  Instead, I chose to offer my unique skillset combination and be the teacher, nurturer, and coach to those who need a Money Navigator.

The Present

My name is Hadriana Leo, Money Navigator and Certified Cash Flow Specialist.  I use my unique combination of math and mindset to help you achieve money mastery.  I help you to get to the root of your financial challenges and create solutions that are customized to your specific point of need.

My practice is 100% fee-for-service. That means that I do not sell any products, neither do I get any commissions.  I want to be truly unbiased in providing transparent financial guidance. I do offer a broad range of financial coaching services and provide full cash flow and dream funding plans.

The Future

Working with me always begins with a no-obligation, complimentary, no-judgement consultation. This is a conversation that could change your life so reach out to me now.  Call, text or email to schedule your consultation and get started on the road to outstanding financial success.

You can also be assured of 100% confidentiality, discretion and care in dealing with your personal information.

Take that first step to mastering your money. Call or email now. I look forward to working with you!