How I Serve You

You can access a range of services to help you move from your present situation to exceptional, purposeful, plentiful tomorrows quickly and painlessly. From one on one coaching services to group sessions, teens to adults, there is a program for you which delivers solutions in plain language and a nurturing approach to achieving financial wellness.  Services include:
Our signature Money Navigator™ package, 3D Money Mastery™ is the ultimate math and mindset integration program.  It will assist you in conquering the Debt, Doubt and Drama that is plaguing your financial journey.
You will use proven tools and instruction to:
  • rapidly eliminate existing debt without giving up on the things that are important to you
  • create a plan for extraordinary success with the financial decisions of daily living and live above the restrictions of a budget
  • develop and implement fluid, realistic and freeing cashflow plans designed around your real life
  • learn how to be confident in your financial knowledge and apply this knowledge to your unique situation
  • once and for all step out of the rat race mindset and live a life of abundance on your terms
  • add purpose to your plenty and effortlessly fund your goals and dreams.
  • and more...

Each 3D Money Mastery™ package is customized to your specific area of need.  Either contact me here or click here to schedule your confidential exploration session to begin your journey to money mastery today.



When your small business funds your life you owe it to yourself to make your business a success.  The Entrepreneur Success Plan™ helps you to bring the magic of math and mindset to your business!
Entrepreneur Success Plan™ will help you:
  • develop a head and heart strategy for business success
  • learn to measure a return on investment for all business activities
  • embrace the numbers that define your business and interpret them
  • bring creative, outside the box solutions to your life and business
  • move beyond the balance sheet to actually define and measure success
  • refresh and re-energize your love affair with your business
  • and more!

Your business is your baby and it should speak to your purpose.  Create that unique blueprint for your entrepreneurial success.  Contact me here or schedule your confidential exploration session to define and experience entrepreneurial success!



It is time to experience the Money Navigator™ difference!  From 30 minute presentations to day-long seminars/workshops, all my sessions bring my unique math and mindset approach to financial wellness.  All presentations are interactive and engaging and bring real,
relevant value to attendees.

Workshops and speaking engagements are offered to corporations, retreats, schools, faith groups, etc.  Some current workshops include:

The Debt Freedom Formula™ - A workshop on getting out of and avoiding unplanned debt once and for all

Growing Your Money Tree - An exploration of how to create the income you need to fund your life and lifestyle

How to Experience Purposeful Plenty - Teaching the missing link between money and fulfillment

Money Mindset Reset - Examine and reset the thoughts and unconscious actions that sabotage your financial wellness.

Financial State of the Union™ - designed to help bring unity to couples' finances and using this to strengthen your union.

Beyond The Balance Sheet - Designed to help entrepreneurs measure success in their business that goes beyond the numbers.

All workshops and presentations are designed for and customized to the needs of your audience.  If you are tired of the numbers driven, spreadsheet overload and the brow beating lectures then reach out to me.  Either call or email to discuss how I can bring my workshop or presentation to your audience today.